I’m not afraid.

I’m not afraid

I’ve been hiding from the fear
Keeping it near in the corner of my eye
But unable to walk by

As I poured doubts and past burns around it
A firewall protecting me from feeling


Feeling what

Sure I’ve been cut but haven’t we all.
We all fall down
No more ring around the roses

Our noses blind to the smell of chemical reactions

I’m not afraid anymore.

I’m here to take life by the balls
If that means more bruises and more nights of tears and mint tea

Well so be it.
We all fall down.

But we all carry the strength to heal.
Don’t let fear steal these moments.


August 26, 2017: Cold to the Bone

What happened
Where did the warmth go that hugged me to sleep
It doesn’t keep me alive anymore
It left before I knew how to start the fire myself

Teach a man to fish
He’ll eat forever

Teach a girl to love
She’ll never know alone

Cold to the bone
Means more to me now
Now that I know how it feels
To not know how to feel

I will not fight for something real
And that’s not right
That’s not me

What happened

August 19, 2017: Muddy Footprints

I want to fingerpaint my emotions on a chalkboard

I want to tell time with a jump-rope
Over and over and over again

I want to sing chants that nobody understands
But everybody knows
Because we’re all human.

I want to pretend I’m flying over every “no”
In formation with 100 birds creating an image
that says “I’m worth it”

I want to take every uncomfortable moment
Every naked adventure
And play with them on my guitar

I want to make a song out of paper and
Dance with my uncertainties

I want to roll around in a muddy puddle
And make footprints towards my desire

I want to fingerpaint my emotions on a chalkboard

August 18, 2017: Empty Ringing

What are thoughts without a soundboard
Empty ringing
Alone for all to ignore

Can you escape chaos with ignorance
Can you find happiness in nothing

Can you think without speaking?

What are thoughts without a soundboard

Meaningless chatter of a mind
Opportunity floating in apathy
A voice hiding from a challenge

When you see something so against all you believe..
Can you think without speaking

I am me.

I don’t need someone to need me
In order to feel needed

I don’t want someone to want me
Just so I can feel wanted

I am beautiful because I believe it
Not because someone tells me

I am special because I choose to be
Not because of who is at my side

I feel proud of where I am
And nobody will decide where that is but me

I feel confident in who I am
And nobody has the power to bring me down

I am needed
I am wanted
I am beautiful
I am special
I am proud
I am confident

I am me.
And that is enough.